Loom set up with a fine blue silk warp

blue silk warp

Detail of the weaving in progress.

weaving with white silk weft on blue warp

A buttoned wrap made from some of my Tweed - This style is available from the Anna Macneil website.

Hebridean Celebration tartan at Tolsta Bay on the Isle of Lewis.





I have recently sold my old Hattersley loom on which I wove tweeds of similar quality to Harris Tweed.   I have now got a new floor loom - 16 shaft with computer dobby and at the moment I have on it a fine blue silk warp.  I am still experimenting with this loom (I suspect I will always be experimenting with it!) so the colours of weft and the pattern may well change as I work my way through the 18 metres of warp. You are welcome to come and watch me weaving. 

A few years ago I designed a new tartan - Hebridean Celebration.   Weaving tartan involves a bit more skill and experience than I have so far acquired so I had the tartan woven for me in the Outer Hebrides.  In 2019 I registered another tartan - Highland Celebration - and it was woven in a 12oz weight wool at Prickly Thistle Tartan Weavers at Evanton just north of Inverness.

In addition to fabric weaving I also do small-scale weaving for trimmings for my ecclesiastical work and some of my wallhangings and these may be produced using a variety of techniques such as a mini peg loom, tablet weaving, an inkle loom and a small table-top 8-shaft loom.

I have a cord-making machine which I use for producing cords of varying thicknesses and I also use a marudai to produce Kumihimo style braids.

I dabble in other kinds of weaving as time and circumstance allows and I am a member of the Highland Guild of Weavers, Spinners and Dyers. I also spin and dye from time to time.

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Morag style hat - available on the Anna Macneil website.Morag hat