Teaching Feltmaking

I learned how to make felt about 25 years ago. Possibly as a result of my scientific training, I found I had many questions about the “how” and “why” for which those tutors had less than satisfactory answers. I set about finding the answers, partly from books and other courses and partly from my own experimentation.

For over 15 years I have been sharing my skill and knowledge with others, sometimes one-to-one in my studio, other times going out to other places to teach larger groups.

My workshops can be tailored to your own needs whether that is to make a particular item (e.g. bag, hat, wallhanging, corsage.....) or to learn a particular felting technique.

In my brightly lit studio I have two large, electrically height adjustable tables ensuring students can work in comfort. I keep a large stock of colours and fibre types and provide everything that is needed - including refreshments.

I seldom actually timetable any classes, preferring to respond to demand. If you would like to take a class please phone or email me to discuss what you want and arrange a mutually convenient date and time.

My studio is not large enough to accommodate more than 4 or 5 students but for larger groups I am happy to travel to a venue of your arranging. I can bring with me everything that is needed and simply require a room that has running hot and cold water and a floor that is not going to be damaged if it gets a bit wet (I do bring a large bag of towels!) The size of group I can teach will depend on the techniques being taught and the age and abilities of the participants. Please phone or email me to discuss possibilities.

ruth@ruth-black.co.uk ~ T : 01463 831 567 ~ M : 0777 177 4172