Celtic Wave - tweed and feltHarris Tweed background with hand-made felt appliqué and metallic stitching.































Feltmaking & Wallhangings

I have been making felt for about 20 years and in that time have developed methods that are particularly suited for my own methods of working.  The felt I make is normally a base on which I work my embroidery rather than a decorative piece in its own right.  However I do sometimes make pieces that are just felt, often incorporating some relief textures and additions.

For my embroidered wallhangings I often combine both felt and tweed - sometimes a tweed background with felt appliqué, other times the other way round.

I specialise in Celtic design which I create using a combination of appliqué and machine embroidery.  They may be designs which I have adapted from original sources such as the many Pictish sculptured stones which are found in the north and east of Scotland or ancient Celtic manuscripts such as the Book of Kells.  Other designs are entirely my own invention, but keep to the style and “rules” of Celtic Design.

Depending on the design, I may incorporate some beadwork or hand embroidery along with other fabrics such as metallics and silks.

I usually have some work on display at Morven Gallery on the Isle of Lewis and at Carron Pottery in Wester Ross in addition to those at my studio.  However, much of my work is to commission and is off to the client as soon as it is finished.  You can see a selection by clicking on the gallery button on the left.  I am happy to accept commissions for both large and small wallhangings - please email or phone to discuss possibilities.

ruth@ruth-black.co.uk ~ T : 01463 831 567 ~ M : 0777 177 4172